Illuminate Rotherhithe

We would like to thank everyone who helped us to make Illuminate Rotherhithe 2017 a success. We couldn’t achieve that without the help of our sponsors, volunteers, supporters and everyone who got involved.

We are taking a break before we start the planning for the next Illuminate Rotherhithe

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You can watch the full Mayflower Concert line up in this video by Luke Johnson

  • Fr Mark Nicholls, Rector
  • Jamie Coomarasamy, Patron of Illuminate Rotherhithe 2017
  • Jane Deakin & Steve Hodges: First Nation Songs and My Ship by Kurt Weil
  • The Rotherhithe and Bermondsey Choral Society
  • Medicine Wheel Ritual and Ave Verum By Mozart
  • Jimmy Aldfridge and SId Goldsmith: Various Folk Songs
  • Cathy Wren: Sailing Into An Uncertain Future, read by Nathan Osgood
  • Sue Challis: The Past and The Present
  • Tricity Vogue with Nick Browning and Andy Astle: As the Docksie:The Carman’s Whistle, and as Josiah Jones aka Mrs Christopher Jones: The Mayflower In The Bush (Own composition)
  • Graham Taylor: Southawark and The Mayflower
  • Rita Cruise O’brien: Christopher Jones: Master of the Mayflower
  • Pauline Adenwalla: The Mayflower by Sylvia Plath
  • Sue Heath-Downey on The John Byfield Organ: Hornpipe Humoresque by Noel Rawsthorne

Special thanks to all our sponsors for the contributions